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Worse than WBTC: Taking a while!

Last week was busy.

That’s really the only justification I have. Hopefully I can have 1996 wrapped up by Friday, but there might be more time required. 100 songs is a lot.

I will, however, set a couple of rules this early:

I will mainly be restricting it to the Billboard Hot 100, unless I have memories of a song from that year that’s worse. (Really not applicable before at least 1999.)

I will not be including many rap or hip-hop songs. Ironically enough, this is not because I’m a fan of them, because I’m not. And that’s the problem: I don’t have the necessary handle on what differentiates a good one from a bad one to really judge their quality. So I will generally show lenience to them, since I have trouble telling whether I think they’re bad because they’re a genre I don’t like, or if I think they’re bad because they’re bad. (There will be exceptions to this, but I’ll try and keep it down.)

– OSM out


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The importance of checking URLs

So it turns out I neglected to check the link I provided yesterday and the initiative in question is hosted by Objective Ministries, one of the most successful Creationist satire sites on the Intertubes. I’m not the first to be taken in, I almost certainly won’t be the last, but I should have checked a little more intently.

I would like to apologise to all seven of my readers for not doing that.

– OSM out

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Apologies for the hiatus

The first apology I have is that I went on hiatus for so long without warning.

(The second apology I have is that this left that stupid piece on Tumblr feminism at the top for a month. Really not sure why I thought writing that was a good idea.)

Reasons behind the hiatus:

2% distracted by Magic: the Gathering games.

3% distracted by Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine kickstarter drafts.

1% distracted by TV Tropes

14% “If I post on Monday, people will expect a Fountainhead update on Friday and I can’t handle any more of this crap.”

80% sheer abject laziness

So! I have set myself a challenge: to start updating *every* day of the week, with no exceptions. Time will tell whether this produces actual quality or if it just burns me out in a fortnight. I’m also discontinuing my Fountainhead thing; I’m going to do just one megapost in a while where I go into great detail on why I hate this book so very much.

Tomorrow: A rant about Australian asylum seeker policies. (Spoiler: they’re both awful.)

– OSM out

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