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Worst song ever? I know worse (2005)

So apparently people really, really hate “We Built This City”, to the point where it wins a lot of “Worst Song Ever” votes.

As someone who finds it the fun, cheesy kind of bad, I find this offensive. I can name a lot worse. So I’m going to go through my own memory box and Billboard’s Top 100 lists (thank you Mr. In The Shadows), and find five songs from each year that are worse for every year from 1986 to 2010, for a nice round 25 years of godawful music that you can use to remind yourself that no, cheesy 80s sellout songs are not as bad as it can get.

Today, I’m going to go with 2005, which was not a good year for music. Let’s put it this way: I can think of exactly one song on the Billboard Top 100 that I would willingly listen to. Hollaback Girl is at #2. HOLLABACK. GIRL.

Yeah. This may not be much fun.

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