The importance of checking URLs

So it turns out I neglected to check the link I provided yesterday and the initiative in question is hosted by Objective Ministries, one of the most successful Creationist satire sites on the Intertubes. I’m not the first to be taken in, I almost certainly won’t be the last, but I should have checked a little more intently.

I would like to apologise to all seven of my readers for not doing that.

– OSM out


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I can’t tell whether this is a brilliant piece of satire or the dumbest thing I’ve seen in my life. Thank you, Nathan Poe.

For the linkshy, it is an expedition to find live pterosaurs to “prove” evolution is wrong.

Everything about this strategy is dumb.

Point #1: You Are Idiots.

The extinction of pterosaurs is not actually a fundamental plank of evolutionism. Finding live pterosaurs will not prove that evolution is wrong; it will prove that some ancient creatures survived, which is not really news given the coelocanth (although if you do find live pterosaurs, which you won’t because you would have severe trouble finding your arse with both hands and an atlas, that would be awesome). Providing a conclusive rebuttal to evolution would require one of the following.

  • Conclusively prove the Earth to be only ten thousand years old, by which I do not mean providing crappy pseudoscientific explanations for how physical laws change at random in order to explain away contradictory evidence.
  • Conclusively demonstrate that species cannot change, by which I do not mean applying folksy down-home ignorance masquerading as common sense.

Point #2: You Are Idiots.

People who accept evolution as the most reasonable interpretation of the evidence are not engaged in a propaganda campaign. You only think that because you are dumb. A major problem of the more fundamentalist brand of idiot is that they tend to assume that everyone knows, in their heart, that the belief system of the idiot in question is correct, and thus that anyone who disagrees with them is either directly or indirectly in the employ of Satan.

That is moronic.

If you cannot accept that other people do not find your religion as convincing as you do, shut the hell up. Atheists and agnostics don’t want to listen to you and other religious people are fed up with you being a jerk.

Point #3: You Are Idiots.

Just…for crying out loud. Go look at the page and tell me these people have come within 500 miles of a clue. I’ll wait.

“Velociraptors: Today terrorize the goat herders of Puerto Rico and are rumored to guard the remains of the Ark on Mt. Ararat. They have become vicious since the Fall as the result of the effects of genetic entropy, making them too dangerous for the sort of interactive public experience we have in mind.”

…you guys do know Puerto Rico is a real place, right? People really live there?

“Funding is being provided by Fellowship University, the Fairlight Institute, and donations from wealthy Christian businessmen who wish to remain anonymous at this time.”

Yeah, there’s probably a reason for that. It involves stylish canvas blazers with long sleeves that do up at the back.

– OSM out

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CSU’s message system is not very good

Charles Sturt University has a somewhat poor message system.

Basically, instead of emailing you important messages, it sends you an email saying that you have an important message. So you end up logging into two sites only to discover that a student survey is considered an important message in CSULand.

This has been another useless ramble.

– OSM out

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So. New Doctor.

It has been confirmed that Peter Capaldi will be the new Doctor Who.

I have no opinions about this whatsoever.

I have seen virtually none of his work. I don’t even remember him in the one episode of Who he was already in. I assume the BBC think he’ll do a good job, otherwise they wouldn’t have cast him, but I have no real points of comparison on which to judge him.

This is why I find the people who are panicking over him being appointed to be a bit frustrating. Guys: wait until we actually see him PLAYING THE DOCTOR before you panic. Then, if he’s not very good in the role, I will stand by you as you scream to the heavens about it. But please wait until you actually see how it pans out before you do so, you’re giving me a headache.

– OSM out


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Top 5 Goofiest Chuubo’s Things I’ve Gotten XP For

#5: Talking about stuff with someone my character barely knew.

#4: Challenging my closest frenemy to a duel over a copy of SBURB.

#3: Slapping said frenemy in the face to make her calm down.

#2: Holding gaming stores hostage with a giant laser.

#1: Dressing up as a clown alongside three other PCs and robbing a warehouse. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

– OSM out

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Pacific Rim: GO SEE IT

I can’t believe I haven’t said this yet: Pacific Rim is a very good movie.

Or more accurately, it is exactly the movie it wants to be. It is a giant robot movie, written and directed by giant robot movie enthusiasts, for people who want to see giant robots.

The downside of this is that it’s not very original. A surprising amount of it is fairly predictable if you’ve even heard of giant robot movies, let alone seen a series. But it doesn’t have to be original to be good; most of Dredd is a Die Hard clone but it’s still well-handled and enjoyable to watch. So it is with Pacific Rim. The cliches have so much love and affection poured in that it becomes very hard to view them negatively. The characters work, with Idris Elba in particular putting on a brilliant display, and the special effects are gorgeous.

The main negatives I have were the Crimson Typhoon getting so little screentime and the absolutely terrible Australian accents sported by a couple of characters, but beyond that I can’t really fault it.

Disagree? Found the cliches too over-the-top? That’s your opinion. But seriously, this is my review and I think it’s a damn good movie.

– OSM out

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Chuubo’s Miraculous Arcs, Arranged By Awesomeness Level

1. Primordial.

1. Wounded Angel.

1. Creature of the Light.

1. Creature of Fable.

1. Reality Syndrome.

1. Become Somebody.

1. Spiritual.

1. Child of the Ash.

1. Sentimental.

1. A Keeper of Gardens.

1. Accursed.

1. The Ace.

By which I mean they are all awesome.

Sometime later, ideally when the book actually comes out, I will actually explain what this means.

– OSM out

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