Worse than WBTC: Taking a while!

Last week was busy.

That’s really the only justification I have. Hopefully I can have 1996 wrapped up by Friday, but there might be more time required. 100 songs is a lot.

I will, however, set a couple of rules this early:

I will mainly be restricting it to the Billboard Hot 100, unless I have memories of a song from that year that’s worse. (Really not applicable before at least 1999.)

I will not be including many rap or hip-hop songs. Ironically enough, this is not because I’m a fan of them, because I’m not. And that’s the problem: I don’t have the necessary handle on what differentiates a good one from a bad one to really judge their quality. So I will generally show lenience to them, since I have trouble telling whether I think they’re bad because they’re a genre I don’t like, or if I think they’re bad because they’re bad. (There will be exceptions to this, but I’ll try and keep it down.)

– OSM out


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