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I hate “one bad apple” politics

I should probably elaborate on what this means:

This is a term I’ve devised for the mentality, mostly found in right-wing politics, in which the existence of one person abusing a thing in ways that cause very little harm is proof that that thing should be banned.

You see it in the assertion that boat people are the biggest threat to Australian security, even though the 15,800 refugees to arrive in the past year are outnumbered approximately 2000 to 1 and 85% of them are legitimate refugees anyway according to the UN.

You see it in the idea that the (fictitious) existence of “welfare scroungers” in the US means that the entire welfare system should be shut down and screw the people who are dependent on it to scratch a precarious living.

Oddly enough, usually the main field you don’t see it in is gun rights, in which the people who misuse them – usually in ways that cost multiple lives – are brushed under the carpet and dismissed as fringe nutjobs so that the people speaking can keep their firearms. Weird. You’d think that consistency would at least obligate them to apply this to everything – people text while driving? Ban both cars and mobile phones! That kind of thing.

All I will say is that “it is better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent be punished”.

– OSM out


(Worse than WBTC will come eventually! I just think I’ve been trapped in the Valve-Time Continuum.)


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Worse than WBTC: Taking a while!

Last week was busy.

That’s really the only justification I have. Hopefully I can have 1996 wrapped up by Friday, but there might be more time required. 100 songs is a lot.

I will, however, set a couple of rules this early:

I will mainly be restricting it to the Billboard Hot 100, unless I have memories of a song from that year that’s worse. (Really not applicable before at least 1999.)

I will not be including many rap or hip-hop songs. Ironically enough, this is not because I’m a fan of them, because I’m not. And that’s the problem: I don’t have the necessary handle on what differentiates a good one from a bad one to really judge their quality. So I will generally show lenience to them, since I have trouble telling whether I think they’re bad because they’re a genre I don’t like, or if I think they’re bad because they’re bad. (There will be exceptions to this, but I’ll try and keep it down.)

– OSM out

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