50 Things That Are More Fun To Listen To Than John Laws

(These are ranked randomly rather than according to personal preference.)

  1. Weird Al Yankovic.
  2. The Rolling Stones.
  3. The Who.
  4. Gotye.
  5. The Protomen.
  6. The Megas.
  7. Homestuck music.
  8. Sam Cooke.
  9. Yusuf Islam.
  10. The best of the Beatles.
  11. The worst of the Beatles.
  12. The worst of inept drunken Beatles wannabes.
  13. Cats complaining.
  14. Taio Cruz.
  15. That goddamn awful Flo Rida blowjob song.
  16. Meatloaf (the singer).
  17. Meatloaf (the food).
  18. Christopher Walken singing the MLP theme song.
  19. Queen.
  20. HRH the Queen.
  21. Mr T rapping.
  22. Skyhooks.
  23. Supertramp.
  24. Bon Jovi.
  25. Medieval surgery.
  26. MC Hammer.
  27. Chainsaws.
  28. Pig Power in the House.
  29. Don McLean’s American Pie.
  30. Madonna’s awful cover of American Pie.
  31. The words to an American Pie movie played backwards.
  32. Jim Croce.
  33. Jim Cummings.
  34. Gym class.
  35. Sneezing.
  36. Roy Orbison.
  37. Roy Zimmerman.
  38. Row Row Row Your Boat.
  39. Corduroy whiffling.
  40. F#$@ing Call Me Maybe.
  41. The Pretenders.
  42. Disney villain songs.
  43. Achy Breaky Heart.
  44. High-pitched children arguing.
  45. A jackhammer.
  46. A car alarm.
  47. A first-time violin player.
  48. A dripping tap.
  49. Static.
  50. Just turning off the damn radio.

– OSM out


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