Apologies for the hiatus

The first apology I have is that I went on hiatus for so long without warning.

(The second apology I have is that this left that stupid piece on Tumblr feminism at the top for a month. Really not sure why I thought writing that was a good idea.)

Reasons behind the hiatus:

2% distracted by Magic: the Gathering games.

3% distracted by Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine kickstarter drafts.

1% distracted by TV Tropes

14% “If I post on Monday, people will expect a Fountainhead update on Friday and I can’t handle any more of this crap.”

80% sheer abject laziness

So! I have set myself a challenge: to start updating *every* day of the week, with no exceptions. Time will tell whether this produces actual quality or if it just burns me out in a fortnight. I’m also discontinuing my Fountainhead thing; I’m going to do just one megapost in a while where I go into great detail on why I hate this book so very much.

Tomorrow: A rant about Australian asylum seeker policies. (Spoiler: they’re both awful.)

– OSM out


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