Tumblr social justice II: tumblr feminism

WARNING: This post is probably going to offend some people. Don’t care. That’s their problem.

“Why do people think a belief in women equals a hatred of men?” – Wonder Woman

Feminism is a political and philosophical movement dedicated to establishing and defending equal rights for women. It has a rich intellectual heritage and has achieved great things during its history. It deserves support from everyone with a conscience or sense of perspective. I just want to make this clear at the beginning: I’m not anti-feminism. I’m pro-feminism. I think all people should have the chance to live and work and chase their dreams regardless of sex, gender, colour, creed or sexual orientation.

Large chunks of tumblr quote-unquote “feminism” is not feminism. It more closely resembles the ludicrous straw feminism you see in Frank Miller comics. Its “intellectual heritage” largely consists of “feminazi” characters from bad 80s TV shows, and its primary achievement is to be posted on tumblr, an all-devouring maw of stupid exaggerations. It is concrete proof that he, or she, who fights sexist douchebags, should be careful to not in turn become a sexist douchebag.

I want to quote you something. I’m not going to identify the source; unless it’s Ayn Rand, I don’t believe in idiot shaming. (The second thing mentioned, I have to admit, is actually relevant, coherent and sane…which makes the first thing mentioned just that much more disappointing.)

“The myth that the vagina is tighter when you’re a virgin is caused by 2 things

1) cis men love the idea of “ruining” a woman’s body  (as shown by porn) and they get some sort of sick pleasure from thinking that after having sex with a woman, she will never be the same again.”

Speaking as a cisgendered* male: I’m so grateful you decided to make a group attack against my entire gender in the middle of something that could otherwise have been entirely useful and informative. I really needed you to declare me to be a sociopathic monster on the foolproof grounds that I was born with external genitalia. That massively improved my day. It’s not hypocritical at all that you’re decreeing an entire gender to be inferior.

That’s the thing: feminism, real feminism, is about equality. It’s about preventing discrimination against women. It’s not about establishing discrimination against men. It’s about fighting sexism, not about being sexist in the opposite direction. Equal means equal.

– OSM out

*”Cisgendered”, or “cis” for short, means “not transgendered”. Outside of tumblr, it is a value-neutral statement; in the hands of idiots, as seen above, it is a foolproof barometer of moral inferiority.


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