MTG: Return to Ravnica Block Awesome Awards

I’m going to start doing this thing sort of irregularly.

Bear in mind that I am not sorting according to power or combo potential, although that may be a factor. These are subjective awards calculated purely on coolness.


Most Awesome Non-Multicoloured Mythic Rare

#3: Utvara Hellkite. The image of blanketing the skies with dragons is just too epic for words, especially in EDH. I do not have a copy of this one, but I really wish I did.

#2: Giant Adephage. The huge beetle is cool. Its ability to multiply is cool. The way it works well with all the green guilds (even, to a degree, the Golgari Swarm) is cool. Therefore, it gets a silver award.

#1: Maze’s End. I really, really like interesting alternate win conditions. ‘Nuff said.

Runners-up: Angel of Serenity, Necropolis Regent, Worldspine Wurm


Most Awesome Multicoloured Mythic Rare

#3: Master Biomancer.  If you’ve ever seen him in action, you’ll know why. There is nothing more rewarding than scavenging a Deadbridge Goliath onto him, then having every creature enter the battlefield with seven +1/+1 counters on it. Just watch out for removal.

#2: Borborygmos Enraged. And he most certainly is. His abilities have a nice amount of synergy, plus, y’know, turning land draws that are probably dead when you can cast him into lightning bolts.

#1: Voice of Resurgence. It’s astonishing how elegantly designed this creature is.

Runners-up: Progenitor Mimic, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Vraska the Unseen


Most Awesome Non-Multicoloured Rare

#3: Mizzium Mortars. I have a soft spot for heavy-duty fireball bombardments.

#2: Stolen Identity. Cloning shenanigans are always fun, and repeatable cloning shenanigans are even more fun.

#1: Grave Betrayal. It’s too expensive to be particularly useful, but just look at how crazy cool it is.

Runners-up: Angelic Skirmisher, Chromatic Lantern, Pontiff of Blight


Most Awesome Nonlegendary Multicoloured Rare

#3: Dragonshift. Yay dragons.

#2: Fathom Mage. With the right creatures – i.e. any creatures – this thing is good. Within a dedicated evolve deck, it’s a lot better.

#1: Debt to the Deathless. The art is nightmarishly cool, and its ability to bias an entire EDH game in your favour is also very awesome.

Runners-up: Biovisionary, Azor’s Elocutors, Assemble the Legion


Most Awesome Legendary Multicoloured Rare

#3: Varolz, the Scar-Striped. Interacts really well with not only his own guild, but also the Gruul and even Simic. (I should probably Cockatrice up one of those decks sometime.)

#2: Melek, Izzet Paragon. Copying is fun. Copying for free is even more fun. If only his final ability was broader.

#1: Vorel of the Hull Clave. Really, the question isn’t what UG deck he goes in, it’s what UG deck he doesn’t.

Runners-up: Tajic, Exava, Mirko Vosk.


Most Awesome Shark

#3: Battering Krasis.

#2: Shambleshark.

#1: That Shark Bug Creature On “Give”.

Runners-Up: Jaws, The Hypothetical Bloodthirst Shark We Nearly Got In M12, The Mafia Don Shark From That Movie With The Creepy Will Smith Fish


The next set of Awesome Awards will be awarded on the official date of “sometime between M14 and Theros”.

– OSM out


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