The Rules, 1-25

1. When in doubt, do something crazy. No-one ever expects it.

2. A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.

3. It’s only late until it ships, but it sucks forever.

4. If it doesn’t involve you, stay the hell away from it.

5. There is no way to be nice about denying someone equal rights.

6. Never rule out extreme measures.

7. If all else fails, cheat like a bastard.

8. Just occasionally, new technology doesn’t run around giving people wedgies.

9. Perspective is a politeness most princes don’t possess.

10. If you’re making a plan, and you don’t consider the consequences, you’re an idiot.

11. Evidence and logic are usually the best basis for making a decision.

12. People who say “you can’t think scientifically all the time” are usually not good at thinking scientifically.

13. Don’t be afraid to dismiss bigoted nonsense.

14. Show respect for the views of people who are willing to show that same respect for others. If they are not willing to show that respect, ignore them.

15. An infomercial is fundamentally a means of getting your money.

16. Never vote for anyone so devoid of empathy that they can read an Ayn Rand book without detesting the main character.

17. All things being equal, you might as well be yourself.

18. Context matters, but so does content.

19. Some authors produce good stuff, some produce entertainingly bad stuff, and some produce frustratingly dull nonsense. Try not to buy anything by the third.

20. Competence, benevolence, mass appeal – in Australian politics, you can have at most two of them.

21. If you hear it on Fox News, you can rely on it – it’s wrong.

22. Reality TV has very little to do with reality.

23. The people who yell the loudest about “impending fascism” are usually the ones who have the least understanding of what fascism actually is or how it works.

24. Most corporations only behave ethically when someone forces them to.

25. Anyone who romanticises getting back to nature has never actually encountered it.

– OSM out


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