On the Value of Nicolas Cage

I have a confession to make:

I find jokes about Nicolas Cage funny.

Comedy sketches like the one about his agent, Homestuck’s Nic Cage Song, Slacktivist cracking wise about him signing on with the Left Behind movie reboot – I find them all funny.

And it’s only recently that I realised why.

It’s because I rather suspect Mr Cage is in on the joke.

Come on. Nobody could sign up to ALL those movies, be deep enough into nerd culture to take a surname from a comic book, and come out without noticing his reputation. Unless he literally NEVER googles his own name or reads reviews of his work, unless his agent regularly wraps bandages around his head, he must know that very few people think highly of his choice of roles. Yet he keeps doing it. Why?

Why would he sign up for Left Behind? Nobody needs cash that badly. I assume he’s either trying to help the movie find some kind of attention, albeit mocking attention, by giving them a big name to splash, or he’s well aware that people think he makes odd decisions and is trying to pre-empt them by making an odder decision than anyone would have expected.

Please say he’s deliberately doing one of those things.

– OSM out


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