Tumblr social justice and why it is terrible

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, tumblr has a large population of social justice bloggers.

Wait, no. That’s not correct.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, tumblr has a large population of prickly, self-righteous jerks who think they’re social justice bloggers, but generally only serve to make actual social justice bloggers look like, well, prickly, self-righteous jerks.

I was sitting there, wondering why it is all kinds of awful, and then it struck me.

Tumblr social justice types are bad at social justice because they are the kind of people who think the best place to fight for social justice is tumblr. You know, the “all-devouring maw of content” (to steal a phrase from the TV Tropes forums) in which even the most meaningful commentary vanishes like dust on the wind after a few posts because the archive system is usually harder to navigate than a warp storm. The place where hundreds of self-righteous jerks who use made-up words like “whitesplaining” (yet somehow never get around to a) defining or b) justifying the accusation) have already poisoned the chalice so hard it’s beginning to eat through the bottom. And finally, because rather than actually fighting *for* social justice, they’ve decided to sit on their backsides and post incoherent rants on a regular basis.

And that’s why on tumblr, “social justice” and “circle jerk” are interchangeable.

– OSM out


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