Dear Games Workshop, what is wrong with you?

As a lot of nerds like me know, Games Workshop models are notorious for being hellishly overpriced. I can deal with that. But overpricing digital products is a thing I wasn’t expecting.

Let me put it this way.

For just over AU$17, I can get a $30 Manual of Exalted Power in PDF format from drivethrurpg. Onyx Path Publishing does not sell ruinously expensive models, glues, and paints. And yet somehow I can buy a 240-page splatbook for about the same price as a Horus Heresy book.

Games Workshop is charging $80 for an iBook of its $85 Codex: Tau Empire.

No. That’s not how digital publishing works. You lower the price, because you don’t have to print it out. You make it PDF rather than iBook so that putting it on multiple machines is easy, and it doesn’t matter which one you have since everything has access to a PDF reader somewhere. You are trying to make it easy for people to give you money, and to provide them with a payout for that money without forcing them to buy an iPad or go fishing for pirate iBook readers. This is basic stuff. If you are going out of your way to prevent people buying your stuff, like, say, charging five times as much money for something less flexible and with more additional costs, then what, exactly, makes you think you’re running a business sensibly?

– OSM out


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