How to Grind at Bearbarians

Bearbarians is an online game that basically takes the form of tribes of furries running around stabbing each other. You get cash for winning games, completing special objectives, and killing members of the other tribe(s) in the game.

Oddly enough, level grinding doesn’t take the form of repeatedly playing the kill-things levels. Rather, there’s a simple and easy way to do it.

1. Start a Capture the Flag game on…I think it’s the island map.

2. Grab the flag.

3. Find an area where the enemy have to jump to reach you.

4. Whack them in the head whenever they jump. This will rack up the string of hits in your combo. Since you get bonus damage with every hit, eventually you will be able to one-hit opponents, especially if you time the attack to hit them in midair so they can’t block.

5. Splat several hundred of them in half an hour.

6. Keep splatting until you level up.

7. You have now level ground.

– OSM out


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