The most pointless videogame mechanic ever

I think I’ve found it.

No, no wait, I have officially found it.

I picked up a copy of Custom Robo Arena at EB lately and it’s actually fairly fun. I mean the mechanics and plot are surprisingly similar to Pokemon-with-robots, except that the battles are real-time rather than turn-based, but generally it’s entertaining.

The major fly in that ointment, however, is the polishing system.

Yes. It really has a system by which your robot gets dirty and you have to clean it.

Okay, what the hell? Do you really think that *this* is the part of the mecha experience we’ve been waiting for all these years? “Hmm, I know! What if you have to clean your robot occasionally to make it fully functional? Also, what if we made the robot’s crotch a specific part that you have to do individually?”

You heard me. Polishing your robot’s crotch is an important mechanic in this game. I don’t know why either.

– OSM out


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