Dear game manufacturers, about Steam…

Please do not use it as an excuse to make game discs that are little more than a URL to where it can be downloaded.

I’m serious here. My laptop has busted hinges and I’m not on any wireless networks. Transporting it over to the modem would be fraught with peril, and while my laptop is a piece of garbage, it’s the only one I’ve got. If you are going to sell me a game, I have come to expect that the CD-ROM you sell me *actually has that game on it*. Otherwise, why bother with a disc at all? Why not just sell me a piece of paper with a passcode on it? If you *are* going to sell me a game in this fashion, at least clearly label it “WARNING: WE WERE TOO IMPATIENT TO DO THE JOB PROPERLY AND BURNING DISCS TAKES TIME. YOU WILL REQUIRE THE INTERNET TO PLAY THIS GAME BECAUSE WE ARE TOOLS.”

I mean, in general I hate “internet required” installation. I hate it even more since Angry Birds was updated in such a way that it permanently ruined it by not only making it impossible to run on Windows XP (I’m not a luddite, I just hate Vista and didn’t have 7 or 8), but also stored this information in a completely different place from the program files so that even uninstalling and reinstalling did not allow me to run the game. But requiring the internet not to verify the game after a few levels, but to have access to it at all? That’s just nonsense. Even in this online age, it is a pain in the backside to conclude that therefore everything must internet or GTFO. Doubly so when the game disc *does not actually have the game on it*.

So no. I don’t think you’re clever for making your game disc a Steam installer and nothing else. Actually, I just think you’re kind of pathetic.

– OSM out


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