Why am I doing this

I have been downloading a ton of issues of Pathways from drivethrurpg lately.

I don’t own a copy of Pathfinder. I have never played it. I literally have no use for this product beyond vague inspiration-seeking. Even if I do find inspiration, I don’t have a gaming group to try it out on.

But I keep downloading it anyway, because it’s free and hey, there’s probably *something* I can use eventually in there. And if not, I’m using my off-peak download cap so what the hell.

The one thing I find annoying is that I need to jump through the DTRPG download hoops; I’m not confident in having long enough to chain-download all of them to just grab and start downloading. It’s a bit inconvenient but there you go.

I do recommend that anyone reading this try picking it up; even if you get nothing out of it, it’s free.

– OSM out


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