Ragequitting over minor issues

Just last night, someone ragequit Exalted on the White Wolf forums because the word “magitech” is not going to appear in third edition.

Read that again.

He ragequit over a word. It’s not a profanity. It’s not an insult, it’s not an ethnic slur, it’s not racist or sexist or ableist or any other -ist. It’s a classification for a specific kind of artefact, and more to the point, it’s a classification that isn’t really needed for anything.

That’s ludicrous. Quitting because pulp fantasy isn’t your thing? OK. Quitting because you don’t like the philosophy they’re taking toward the Yozis? We’ll miss you. Quitting because you don’t like the writers’ hints about the Lunar revisions? Don’t be a stranger. Quitting because of one word? Nope, sorry. That’s not picking a hill to die on, that’s plonking your backside on an anthill. It’s so incredibly minor an issue that I can only assume you are attempting to demand attention by behaving like a four-year-old not getting a toy he wants and throwing a tantrum.

(I’m not going to name names, because my policy when people are doing silly things for attention is to mock them a little and move on.)

– OSM out


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