I’ve been playing around with Heromachine a lot lately. It’s basically one of those “paper doll” dress-up programs, only done in as comprehensive a fashion as possible. We’re talking Batman levels of preparation here. The current one can be used to create anything from a Crusader to a car robot, or a djinn to a dinosaur tamer. You just don’t get this kind of comprehensiveness from generic stuff.

There are some notable failings, however; most notably, version 3 is still in alpha and a staggering number of components are, say, only there on one side but not the other; virtually everything seems to be programmed to not recognise that the male and female models have different proportions before you start tinkering; the Transform system is useful but fiddly; and seriously, why is there a Male Tech section for half a dozen things but not a Female Tech one.

But apart from that I’m forced to give it a thumbs-up and a rating of “why am I putting in hours of work on sci-fi fashions when I actively cultivate disinterest in real-life ones?”

– OSM out


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