So. Fifty posts.

Yep. This is the fiftieth.

In the time since I started this blog, the Curiosity rover reached Mars, the Higgs boson was discovered (and idiots freaked out because how dare they use Comic Sans in the announcement), and America spent altogether too long listening to a guy lying through his teeth.

I have gathered 256 views, 8 followers (plus a couple of people I know personally who read occasionally), and no major recognition anywhere.

I officially joined the Misadventure Gurus youtube…thing…for one video so far (language warning), and started a tumblr account in-character as Karkat from Homestuck (spoiler warning and language warning).

And the world somehow failed to end on a date when nothing sensible said it would.

Thanks for reading the fifty posts so far, and I hope that at least some of the next fifty will contain actual quality content.

– OSM out


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