Dear end of the world, I’m waiting…

So. It’s the 21st of December 2012, and bizarrely enough, I’m not dead yet.

Of course, it’s still nearly 24 hours until it reaches the correct time in Chichen Itza. So it’s possible we’re about to be hit by a giant fish made of doom. I just don’t think it’s likely, because “on this date there’s a meaningless transition in the calendar of a civilization that is no longer extant, which has been given significance by idiots” is to hard evidence what calling someone a big stupid doodoo head is to logical argument.

Why do we keep doing this? Why do we fad over pointless misinterpretations of calendars we no longer use? (Admittedly, this one is more self-aware in that most people seem to be conscious that it’s a load of horsehockey and are going along out of a generally Striderian sense of irony.) Can we perhaps stop it with the fangirl squees over the illogical and eschatological?*

– OSM out

.* You may think I wrote this post just to use that rhyme but actually I only just thought it up.


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