And now for some more fortune cookie philosophy!

“When the clown of wisdom falters in the circus of truth, the lion-tamer of injustice will shortly be unleashed.”

“The spectre of a bad interpretation haunts a book forever.”

“The entomologist rarely eats bugs.”

“Life is a door. Try not to be a knob.”

“All the world’s a stage, and I just got pulled off it with a hook.”

“He who fills his nose with the rocks of misdeeds is not going to have a very good day.”

“There will always be a dud unit in the codex of life.”

“No plan survives contact with the enemy, so armour yourself in no-plan and become invulnerable.”

“It is better to set cheese on fire than to dress up as a squid.”

“It is better to sink through levity than to rise through gravity.”

“Pity he who has been savaged by the velociraptor of time.”

– OSM out


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