Facebook’s “do you know” emails are getting ridiculous

I am looking at the Junk folder of my email account right now.

I have Facebook “do you know” emails for the following:
Lovely Lightworker. Obviously I don’t know anyone named Lovely Lightworker, because no parent on Earth would be a sufficiently disaffected ex-hippie to inflict that name on their child, and anyone who would should be reported to the government immediately.

Moon SunStar. As above, with bells on.

Abida Yoga Fitnes. Oh hey look at that crazy person eye twitch I just picked up at that last word.

Saturn The-Planet. Just…what?

Harmony Angel. Anyone who uses their “Works at” section to deliver pseudo-profound horsehockey needs to be hit with a cattle prod.

Fifth Dimension Ascension. >Random Facebook Idiot: Ascend more casually.

And that’s why Facebook is a bad thing to subscribe to.

– OSM out.


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