Surviving the Internet: Surviving 4chan

This is a joke. If you want to survive the Internet, stay well away from 4chan.

For the uninitiated, 4chan takes the form of a high-speed, low-average-IQ messageboard, in much the same way and for much the same reason that Cthulhu takes the form of a squid monster. The real secret of its existence is that there are some terrible things from forgotten dimensions which have to be trapped somewhere, and one was caged within the Interwebs.

Each captcha it flashes up when one attempts to make a post is a name of this abhorrence, which we might as well call All Ocedthu because that was the most recent one to pop up during my research incursions. When all of the names have been cycled through, it will be unleashed. The conservative estimate is that this will happen within about eight weeks.

– OSM out

and probably in need of serious therapy.


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