A bad idea

So for the past few weeks I’ve been diving more or less headlong into a serious Homestuck obsession. (On the one hand, if I could read The Fountainhead with this kind of interest, that category would be done and dusted by now. On the other, if Ayn Rand could have written that book with Andrew Hussie’s talent, we would live in a very different, albeit probably significantly worse, world.)

This has led to problems.

Not just that I’ve pestered friend and family about it. Not just that I’m reading through it a second time just to figure out what happened the first time.

Mainly, it’s that I ended up doing what I always seem to do, and started a new game of Pokemon Diamond using character names.

This has led to odd mental images such as Kadabra wearing Sollux’s 3D shades, Psyduck with Vriska’s VISION 8FOLD, Aradiabot’s head floating around with shadowy purple hands and spikes coming out the back, and Karkat (who is of course the best character) running around in a particularly doofy hat. I would upload images but I seem to have left them on my other computer…also, perhaps appropriately, MS Paint is my only image manipulation software and as a result everything looked like Karkat drew it.

This has been a deeply pointless and unhelpful post, and I apologise, but my Internet’s been acting up and it’s quite frankly too early in the morning for me to produce anything other than garbage. I intend to have something a little less awful come Friday. Wouldn’t want to disappoint all eight of my readers.

– OSM out


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