Glowy stuff

I have this weird obsession with glow-in-the-dark stuff.

Unlike most of my obsessions, it isn’t permanently active. However, whenever I do get something that glows, it inevitably makes its way to my bedside table. Plastic aliens with glowing eyes that I’ve owned for a decade and had nearly forgotten about? Table. LEGO kit with a glow-in-the-dark skeletal horse? Table. (As a side-note, I’m not sure why LEGO’s Monster Fighters range bothers to even have the eponymous Fighters – I’m pretty sure those kits are made and purchased entirely for the monsters.) I used to have a glowing Darth Maul sticker physically stuck to my bed.

It’s just got me wondering, why do I do this? What am I, five?

And after that I stop caring, because heeheehee glowy thing.

– OSM out



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2 responses to “Glowy stuff

  1. Dean

    Dean here.

    I have a blog now too. Blogs are cool.

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