Elements: The Game

(You just lost, by the way./obnoxiousmeme)


Elements: The Game is a free online card game, and unlike most free stuff you find online, this is actually free rather than . Gameplay resembles a cumulative version of Magic: the Gathering, with mana quanta and creature damage remaining between turns, except that creatures don’t block each other and attack automatically. There are twelve elements, and I can guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the one you pick will of course have the most severe weaknesses.

There are a few odd decisions they’ve made which do detract from the overall product, however. First and foremost, death magic isn’t actually very good at killing things – it can poison them, sure, but actually one-shotting stuff before it can dish out too much damage is a job for other elements. Likewise, there are a few obnoxious AI decks such as the Firefly Frell*-Over and the even more unpleasant scarab-swarm that really need to die. Finally, intangibility is too ridiculously good. Shroud in Magic: the Gathering was tolerable because there are lots of buff spells in each colour and there were ways to get around it. Most of those ways don’t work in Elements, meaning that once a Phase Dragon comes out to play it becomes a grim race against time to finish your opponent before the dragon

But that said, it’s quite fun and worth a try, unless you have something important you want to do today, in which case you should probably save it until after you’ve done that.

Next week: I don’t know, and then, next Friday, more of the Fountainhead. I would have read more this week but a friend got back from university and loaned me some Horus Heresy books, so I’ve been reading those instead.

– OSM out.


* Not actually the word I keep using.


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