Nobilis 3rd edition: the lifepath system

It’s good.

Seriously. This is a very cool system.

I started trying to stat up the Power of Silence as an experiment without having a clue what he or she should be like. I even randomly determined a pair of keys: Gorse, Key of Something in Thrall, representing someone struggling against some form of servitude, and Acacia, Key of Something Hidden, representing a dangerous secret.

By the end of the process, I had created a spy working for Lord Entropy, who resented him because the necessity of spying set her apart from her Familia, yet at the same time had a kind of grim respect for him because the first being to show her anything resembling acceptance was the Bloody Imperator.

This is why it’s good for a tabletop RPG: because you can start with only a vague idea and a couple of random numbers and by the end of it have an actual three-dimensional character.


(Yes, yes, I know I said I’d be addressing The Fountainhead at some point. That’s scheduled for Friday, when I can do something other than print “OH GODS THE STRAWMEN” fifty times. Although there are a lot of strawmen.)


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