Friday Morning Rambling

(OK, technically I was supposed to post on Thursday but my youngest sister was in hospital – still is as I write this, in fact – I think I can be forgiven for a little bit of schedule slip.)

Now this one’s a bit soapboxy, so it’s OK to skip.


Recently, I was privileged to be on the Internet reading random stuff when I heard a news report on human genetic engineering going on in the next room. I wasn’t really listening, but I heard the “against” guy bring up that Beethoven was deaf. And I thought, well, what of it? How is that relevant? We have no proof Beethoven’s deafness was genetic. Nor was it the root cause of his talents. (The guy’s other example, Stephen Hawking, runs into the same problem – the ultimate cause of his disease is not known.)

But when you get right down to it, the status of Beethoven and Toulouse-Lautrec aren’t relevant. I’d rather live in a world without Beethoven where people don’t get randomly struck down by a quirk of DNA than a world that holds both Beethoven and Tay-Sachs disease or Huntington’s disease.

No, this totally isn’t a ploy to get more comments by stirring  up debate, honestly.


Awesomely, I passed 100 views over the past couple of days. I’d like to thank all seven of my readers.


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