Americans, Guns, and Politics

I have no clue why Americans seem so terrified of their governments.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s the responsibility of all citizens to keep an eye out for totalitarianism. It’s just that a surprising number of American political commentators – especially those on the right-wing side of the spectrum – seem to have this bizarre conviction that if gun ownership is in any way restricted, it’ll be JACKBOOTS FOREVERRRRR starting next Tuesday.

Why do they think this? I mean, I’m pretty sure neither of the big US parties is particularly keen on taking over. I mean, despotism sounds fun, but once you get past the stage where you’re throwing the guys who picked on you in school into shark tanks and renaming all the cities after yourself, it rapidly shifts to long periods spent in a state of abject terror that one of the many, many people you’ve pissed off will shoot you in the back and take your stuff. I don’t see any rational person signing up for that. (Make your own George W. Bush joke here.)


Oh, and just for added hilarity points, the political party that the majority of the we-need-guns-to-stop-a-dictatorship citizens vote for, the Republicans, tend to be the ones who invest the most money in those parts of the infrastructure that an actual totalitarian government would most depend on – police, military, and intelligence agencies. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

– OSM out.


Disclaimer: there is a non-zero possibility that the views expressed in this post are the deranged rantings of a madman who hasn’t had enough sleep and should not be taken seriously.


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