Strange but False

Every paragraph in this post contains a minimum of one thing I made up. (Some of them may actually be true, but this is quite unlikely and is purely coincidental.)


A crocodile’s jaw can be held closed with a rubber band. Its legs, meanwhile, can be held still by staring at them really hard.

There are exactly 367 different ways to say that there are 367 ways to say something.

Common road signs include speed limits, stop, give way, angry werewolf crossing and school zone.

Galileo was not imprisoned for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun. Instead, he was tried and found guilty of going six miles an hour in a 4mph zone.

The phrase “once upon a time” is copyright the Walt Disney corporation. They are only prevented from suing everyone who’s used that phrase by a poorly chosen contractual term which requires Walt himself to fill out the correct paperwork.

Following some experiments performed during the late 1990s by a Professor X. Harris, an average of one person you encounter on the internet each day is secretly a duck. Professor Harris has gone on record as stating that if he’d known what would happen, he never would have taught those ducklings to type.

It takes an average of fifteen minutes for a kitten to remove all the toothpaste from a tube, assuming that kitten doesn’t get distracted by something and wander off.

– OSM out


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