New Words for the Web

The limits of traditional language have proved increasingly, um, limiting on the digital frontier.

So here’s some new words and phrases, mainly because I could.

This material will be on the test.


4channic Zenxhaustion: a state in which you have attained such a state of perfect indifference that even the dumbest of trolls cannot get more than a few seconds of actual anger out of you.

  • /b/ Threshold: an advanced state of 4channic zenxhaustion in which your reaction to a troll is to critique their post and give them a score out of ten.


Interprebloat: the state of major fanbases in which the nature of the actual characters is almost impossible to extract from the mass of exaggerations, parodies, shipping fics, unfunny Family  Guy references, minor background gags blown way out of context, werewolves and the deliberate manipulations of ancient alien robot Aztec invaders.


Hairtrigger Post: Something you spam off in the five seconds between reading the idiot’s stuff and realising they are a troll and that you have just played into their hands.


Whedon Syndrome: A state in which one is incapable of finishing a sentence without taking words and sticking them together into a nonsensical odd word made from bits of other words thing.


Dominant Meme: An in-joke or fandom hot-button issue that takes over entire threads whenever it is mentioned. Mention Twilight anywhere for a demonstration. (Except in the comments section to this post, because like five people read this blog and that’s too small a population for a proper flamewar.)


Recessive Meme: An in-joke that only makes sense to about five people out of nearly seven billion. Incredibly common in dubiously written fanfic, which tends to work together with terrible spelling to ensure that you cannot translate it without learning ancient Sumerian.


Linguistdicks: People who make up new words just because they read a dumb Youtube comment while watching the Muppet Show (cough, cough).


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