It’s time for some quasi-philosophical rambling

Because there’s nothing I like doing more than incoherent crackrambles induced by too much Dresden Codak in too short a time, especially when also reading Eclipse Phase.

No this is not a crass attempt to direct attention to some of my favourite things; that’s scheduled for next week, in the limited sense that this blog has a schedule.


I’ve always had this kind of inclination towards transhumanism, which typically runs up against my instinctive aversion to utopianism. Usually, when anyone is trying to describe a utopia, be it a shiny perfect crystal spires future, living in harmony with nature [1], or the resounding triumph of [RUNPROGRAM:INSERT_PREFERRED_POLITICAL_PARTY.EXE] [2], they are trying to sell you something. And that kind of drove me away from transhumanism, because it always seemed to be writing cheques that it couldn’t cash.

And yet, now I’ve decided to adopt the label. I don’t know, I guess it’s one of those journey-destination things.

I don’t buy what we might call “perfection” transhumanism – singularities, immortality, erasing all the flaws of humanity. It may happen someday, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about humanity it’s that we can always arrange new flaws. What matters to me is the process – the enhancement of the human condition – rather than the product, which probably won’t happen and I’m not likely to be around if it does.

And hey. It’d be pretty silly if followers of a philosophy dedicated to intellectual and biological freedom chewed me out for following it wrong, wouldn’t it?

[lays in stock of fireproof materials just in case]

– OSM out


  1. *cough*red in tooth and claw*cough*
  2. People who have seen me on forums or whatever probably recognise this as one of my favourite things to do ever.

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