Political Ideologies I Don’t Follow

Politics. It’s an annoying thing that gets in the way and gives people with no conceivable sense of compassion the chance to ride roughshod over entire nations. What’s not to like?


Free Market Capitalism

“Hey, let’s take as many restrictions as possible away from corporations. That can’t possibly end badly.”

This is based on robust data collection methods and is certainly not crap I made up

Yay for the free market.



[is on computer]

Oh hey look at that, a reason for me to not like anarcho-primitivism.



An entire century of consistent hopeless failure isn’t enough?


Social Darwinism

If I even need to explain this to you, you need to go and read a history book, preferably one dedicated to Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.



I kind of vaguely sympathise with the goals of this philosophy; I just think it’s hopelessly naïve.



“Hey, let’s totally keep doing this thing that didn’t work fifty years ago and probably won’t work now.”


So what am I, politically?


Sarcastic, mainly.


OK, so I’m not a political scientist. It’s just that Eclipse Phase always gets me thinking about politics for some reason and I needed something to post that wasn’t a thousand-word rant about Cacti, the Living Landmines.


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