Thursday Afternoon Rambling #2

So. Life. Things are happening. I’m not sure what things, but they’re happening!


Somewhat shamefully, I haven’t looked at the Curiosity Rover’s images yet. I’ll do it soon, honest! But between this and the Exalted 3e announcement, it is a good time to be a nerd.


I’ve found that when you’re stressed out or tired, there’s nothing like a Dwarf Fortress succession game to help you forget your troubles. By giving you hilarious new ones caused by someone dropping the ball four in-game years previously. The results are always fun, and often Fun.


If you’re noodling around aimlessly on the Internet, and I assume you must be otherwise you wouldn’t be here, try doing what I do and read really old flamewars about a subject you find interesting and laugh and laugh and laugh. Bonus points if it’s one you participated in and had forgotten about.


Dogs. Why must they bark at everything?


On the same note, fire. Why must it burn things?


I’ve found that anger is bad for your teeth. Or at least bad for mine. Gritting them for ten minutes at a time can be quite painful!


Pointless filler, ACHIEVED!


– OSM out.


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