Thursday Afternoon Rambling #1

I’m thinking this will either be a regular feature, or be dropped like a ton of hot bricks that are on fire. Eh.


I have discovered that the fundamental problem of starting a blog because you have too much time on your hands is that you rarely have anything interesting actually happen in your life, because if interesting things were happening you wouldn’t have too much time on your hands. Hence, the general nonsense of…well, everything, really; I can’t provide interesting details on things that happen in my life, because the most interesting thing that happened this week was getting a bank statement, but I can write random gibberish like no other, and so gibberish I write!


The Olympics are kind of a weird time for me, because I don’t actually care who wins any given medal! I mean, I’m happy for the winners, really, and as an Australian citizen I feel I should at least tentatively wave a kangaroo in the air and shout yay at random intervals, but I don’t watch the actual events or have any particular attachment to a specific athlete winning. I know, I know, I’m a weird one. At least it’s better than the Ashes, in which there are only two sides and I still don’t care which one gets handed the bag at the end.


Oh, and for the grand finale, a quote that I think sums up my view on life very well:

“You can get away with a lot more stuff if you aren’t completely sane.”

– Annette Mullaney, comics freelancer


(I can get away with one quote, right?)

– OSM out


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